Research and Lead Generation

We keep your Sales Pipeline full with a consistent flow of targeted, high quality leads that match your Ideal Shipper’s Profile so you can close more deals


Process Workflow

(in a Nutshell)

We assign a tailored team to each project that includes Researchers and Sales Development Reps, each with specialized tasks for faster, better results

Onboarding & Ideal Customer Profile

We will build an Ideal Customer Profile based on criteria we agree upon, for example: Lanes, RPM, Volume, Equipment type (dry, flat, etc.) and present the Outreach Sequence and Strategy
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Research & Pipeline Construction

The Researchers will build Lead Lists through intensive Research and Validation Processes to build Qualified Lead Pipelines based on the Ideal Customer Profile we agreed upon

Outreach and Sales Development

The Sales Development Reps will reach out to the ideal prospects in a systematic approach and through different channels to book meetings and Close New Business

Get an Experienced Team of Researchers

We will generate a constant flow of leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile to build a robust “Top of the Funnel” within your Pipeline. This is arguably the most important piece of the sales process.

Grow your Pipeline, not your effort

Make yourself noticed

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Spend your time where it matters most

Prospecting takes time and effort. We take care of and lead generation, so you and your team can dedicate more time on closing deals.

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